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The Bonnaroo Diaries: Day 2

The second day of Bonnaroo was simply intense. It was definitely my favorite day out of all of them and I wish I could relive it all over again. I had a pretty late start to the day since there wasn't much I wanted to see until later in the afternoon. Once the sun was at it's peak, I headed over to see Of Monsters and Men, made my way to the front of the crowd for Grizzly Bear, and then relaxed in the back of the crowd for WU-TANG CLAN (where I let out my inner thug, who ain't nothin' to f--- with).

And then, you guys. It was time for Paul McCartney, and let me just say, IT WAS AMAZING. Wait, amazing isn't even enough to sum up how epic it was. Besides the fact that you're watching Paul McCartney, the most energetic 71-year-old I know, who was part of The Beatles (which is amazing enough on its own), there were also fireworks. Tons of fireworks. And singing Hey Jude with over 80,000 people? No words can't convey how incredible of an experience that was. Best concert I've been to, hands down. No competition.

Urban Outfitters Plaid Shirt, Hat (similar)
Express Destroyed Shorts
Urban Outfitters Lace Bralette (similar, similar)
Studded Boots c/o YesWalker (similar)

And after Paul McCartney? That's where the night actually began. Everyone in my group got separated (because that's what happens in a crowd of 80,000 people) so my friend and I wandered over to see the second half of The XX. My only regret was not being able to see the first half, since Paul went over 30 minutes, but they were absolutely magical. Then the night ended with an insane rager at Animal Collective, which eventually blended into the sunrise. Let's just say I only got an hour of sleep before starting off Day 3. What up, Bonnaroo.


  1. Sounds amazing! You look great, and Bonnaroo sounds amazing. I probably couldn't handle it, not gonna lie.


  2. You got to watch Of Monsters and Men! So jealous!
    && I really love your outfit today! (:

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. So cool, I want to experience a musical festival!!

  4. of monsters and men!!! i LOVE them! so jealous!

  5. omg!!!! love how raw this outfit and photos are!!
    and aaahhhhh!!!! paul mccartney love!! when you were talking about the part where there were fireworks, hey jude, paul mccartney live... i can just totally visualize everything!! so lucky for you to be able to experience that!

  6. LOOK AT YOU, YOU HIPSTER. You are so hipster right now and I can't get over it. But you rock is so damn well, dangit Jen! :) Love the boots and shorts combo. You look rad.

    Looks like a swell time! I know a few people who went and my Facebook is flooded with pictures similar to this... not that I'm complaining!

  7. It sounds like you had a fabulous time. Your outfit was really cute. I love that bralette. 80,000 people is a big crowd! It must have been really packed up at the front when you saw Grizzly Bear. Glad to hear you had so much fun seeing WU-TANG CLAN and Paul McCartney! It's hard to believe he's 71.

  8. not gonna lie, i totally love this more casual and hardcore outfit! that musical line up sounds AMAH-ZING (do you watch happy endings?)

    1. Thanks, Eliza! I had a little too much fun putting together my Bonnaroo outfits. :) And I haven't seen Happy Endings before but I've heard of it!

  9. Okay, so jealous you got to hear McCathy! So cool!

    Also you look fabulous in that outfit.


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