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To Be Here With You

Urban Outfitters Cropped Sweater
Urban Outfitters Floral Dress swapped with Jessica
India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes
H&M Bracelet (as necklace)
Flower Hair Clip c/o Moliabal

I'm starting to embrace the color pink. I never thought the day would come but it's really growing on me. When I was younger I always used to associate the color pink with being overly feminine and a "girly girl" if you want to put it that way. Maybe it was because all I wanted to do was be like my older brother, so I wanted to stray as far away from that color as possible come high school. That mindset stuck with me for years but I'm finally coming around to embrace the fact that I'm a woman and I kind of love pink. Now all I need is for my older brother to love it just as much.

This dress actually belongs to the lovely Jessica of Midwest Muse. Jenna of Smitten gave it a spin before sending it my way and she told me I would fall in love with it. And guess what? I'm in love with it and, Jessica, you're never getting it back (just kidding, I'll send it soon)! You can see how my fellow Flock Together ladies, Jessica and Jenna, styled it up on their blogs.


  1. Ahh your shoes! And love that cropped sweater!

  2. It looks amazing on you!!! I love that you styled it with this amazing sweater over it. You look so cozy and stylish!
    It's such a great dress, love the pale pink

  3. Nice look Jennifer c: I love the first picture alot! Xx

  4. Beautiful dress and you styled it in a cool way. I love pink in all its variations.

  5. LOOK AT YOU MISS GIRLY GIRL~ wearing pink oh holla. But nah, I can't call you a girly girl until you wear like, SUPA BARBIE HOT PINK. Then I'll poke fun atcha. Until then...

    Hehe. But I really love this outfit, whoa! It might be one of my favorites of yours thus far. Those chain bracelets are especially gorgeous!

  6. i have to second Jenna, you look both super cozy and super stylish. I love your use of neutrals girl! & I was the same.. I basically wore boy clothing until high school but around then started embracing pink and now love it.
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  7. omg! love this blush pink ensemble! so romantic and feminine!! :D

  8. Love it! So simple, casual yet stylish with a hint of girly (:

  9. so sweet! adore your look so much :)

  10. I love how you paired it with neutrals to keep a soft, understated look.

  11. You completely nailed it with this dress and totally inspired me to do a copycat outfit! I can't wait! Also you rock neutrals like no other.

  12. I LOVE that you threw a cropped sweater over the dress. It looks so comfy, but still really chic. Adorable!

  13. I love your take on Jessica's dress! You look flawless as usual :). I really really love those shoes. I might have to buy a pair of my own!



    Southern (California) Belle

  14. This is a classy outfit. I like it, Jenn. You look (again) classy! ;)


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