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Guest Post: Mia of It's Only Skin

Hey, my name is Mia, and I recently launched my very own beauty blog! Jen kindly invited me to write a guest post for JennifHsieh, so I’ll be chatting (/ranting) about a few must-have skincare items for summer. While my beauty obsession encompasses both makeup and skincare, I’m definitely of the opinion that a solid skincare routine should always come first - if your skin is well cared for, any makeup you apply will both look and feel better (and you won’t need to slather it on).

It’s tricky to recommend specific skincare products, because, while they may do wonders for my skin, they could have the opposite effect on someone else. With that said, please always do your own research and request samples before you take the plunge with any full-sized products!

It’s safe to say that summer is officially here, and (at least in New York) we’re in for a lot of hot, humid weather. Combined with daily exposure to urban pollution, this environment basically equals my skin’s worst nightmare. Sometimes I don’t even bother with much makeup during the summer, but when I do, it’s a constant struggle getting it to stay put throughout the day. Instead of reaching for a pressed powder to battle the mid-day shine, I’m a big proponent of skincare products that help prep my skin for the day ahead. I recently picked up three items – two old favorites and one new – that make for a lovely summer skincare trio:

First up, the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment. This is the newbie of the group. I’ve only used it a few times so far, but I’m already sold. Whether you try this product or not, finding a moisturizer that suits your skin is sooo important - it can really make a difference (ha ha). There are three varieties available in the Make A Difference range: the treatment, the moisturizer, and the cream. The treatment, which I have, is best suited for oily skin. Basically, it’s a gel moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated all day long so the sebaceous glands don’t go into overdrive and produce excess oil. Like many Origins products, the scent is an unusual (but pleasant) combination of earthy/herbal and fresh citrus. This treatment leaves my skin feeling refreshed and balanced!

Next: Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray - an old stand-by! This makeup setting spray is manufactured by Skindinävia, which also has its own range of sprays (virtually identical to the UD version). I get the best result when I use this both before and after I apply my makeup. It’s not a miracle by any means, but it really does help to keep things in place, especially when it’s hot. This type of product is a great alternative to setting your makeup with powder, if you’re into wearing lighter makeup for summertime.

And finally, a cult favorite: Caudalíe Beauty Elixir. I. Love. This. Stuff. I could really leave it at that, but… Think of this facial mist as more of a toner / spa-in-a-bottle. It has a very strong scent that you’ll either love or hate – fresh mint mixed with herbs; When the heat gets me down, this cooling mist never fails to revive me; it almost has an aroma-therapeutic effect. I use this elixir directly after I cleanse my skin, and let is sink in before moisturizing. The small size is also excellent for chucking in your bag or taking on the plane (for all those summer trips I wish I was taking)!

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading! Happy summer!

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