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Like Breathing Was Easy

H&M White Blouse, Green Shorts (similar)
Urban Outfitters Cat Bowler Hat (similar)
Black Shoulder Bag c/o OASAP
Black Smoking Slipper Flats c/o Lulu*s

Is it just me or is this week dragging on at a painfully slow pace? By the end of August I'll be saying the opposite, talking about how the summer passed by in the blink of an eye. That's always how it works though, isn't it?

But in more important news, I got an AC unit and life has never been so beautiful. This past weekend was sweltering hot and my lack of AC caused for sleepless and humid nights. Now, I'm blessed with an endless supply of cold air and boy, does it feel amazing. I actually beat out another guy for the last unit at the Rite Aid across the street by a second. Literally, one second. I was just about to take a picture of the unit to send a victory text to my boyfriend (because I needed to inform him immediately) until I noticed a shadow approaching me from behind. In fear, I almost dropped my phone and quickly dragged the deceptively heavy box off the shelf. There was a lot of struggle there but there was no way I was letting that bad boy get away from me. The pain was all worth it.


  1. This is the perfect simple summer look, I am in love with those shorts!!! Gorgeous colour! And A/C makes everything better, I bet you're enjoying it :)

  2. Love this outfit! White on white(ish) always looks refreshing (:
    As always, I love your bowler hat - makes me want to go get one! Although I know that I probably won't wear it as much :P

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. Lovely outfit :) And I feel your pain of having to endure the heat; I don't have an AC in my college dorm and it is awful to say at least.

  4. omg this the best summer look! I love your short matches well with your shoes <3


  5. White and black, black and white! Your look is so clean and refreshing, Jen! I love that flats AGAIN because they are cool flats. And that hat is awesome. I wish I could be more of a hat person.

    I'm so joyous for the happy union of you and your AC unit!! Now you can snuggle in sheets at night instead of your own sweat. :D :D

  6. How is it you are always producing one great outfit after another- I always think, "this is my new favorite" and then you post again. Seriously though, this is my new favorite outfit from you.

    Also- Huzzah for your AC unit victory!

  7. Hey,
    lovely pictures and a great look!!! :)

  8. yay for the new a/c!!! :D
    love this white ensemble on you!!! i have yet to find perfect white shorts!

  9. This is such a pretty look! I love your shorts and your hat!

  10. Those are great shorts!

    Robyn xo


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