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Review: The Mary Kay® Look

I'm the kind of girl who has the same exact make-up routine every single day. Concealer, foundation, lip balm, and minimal eye liner along my upper lid. I'm not one to experiment with different looks, especially considering the fact that I have no talent when it comes to beauty, at all.

My ex-boyfriend's best friend's mom (now that's a mouthful) used to be a beauty consultant for Mary Kay, which was how I was first introduced to the brand. I had always heard good things about it, seen their catalogs, but I never got around to ordering any products for myself due to the need for immediate gratification. But recently, I had the opportunity to sample a few of their products and I was actually pretty impressed.

True Dimensions Lip Stick (Pink Cherie) - $18
  • Normally, I shy away from lipsticks that have a pink hue since I tend to feel like an Asian Barbie doll. I wasn't really feeling this shade at all, but I was super impressed by how creamy and soft the texture of the lipstick was. Definitely giving this another try but in a more nude-based color.
Lash Primer - $15
  • Since I naturally have fewer and thinner lashes, I didn't notice much difference using the Lash Primer. Apparently they are supposed to make them a bit fuller with dramatic definition. My favorite primer is still Anastasia's Lash Genius (which I use as a clear mascara for lazy days). 
Lash Love Lengthening - $15
  • This product was my absolute favorite of the bunch. In my experience, I rarely find a mascara that doesn't clump (or maybe I'm just lousy at using mascara), but this one didn't clump at all. Not one bit. I very much enjoy the added length to my tiny lashes. Now all I have to figure out is how to thicken them. 
Cream Eye Color (Violet Storm) - $22
  • Just like the lipstick, the texture of the eye shadow was amazing but I wasn't a big fan of the color. But please note, when it comes to my eye shadows, I only like neutrals and I'm not big on playing with colors. It was fun to experiment with something other than blacks and browns though!
Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush - $10
  • I can't resist a great brush and I was loving the way this one picked up the cream eye color. I'll definitely be washing it and giving it a try with my concealer next. 
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


  1. " ex-boyfriend's best friend's mom"--that took me a minute to digest, but I've it all mapped out in my mind now. YEE HAW.

    And ohhh Jen, I love that lipstick on youuuu! Have I even seen you in lipstick before? Maybe you've had a post with some on before and I haven't noticed, but wowowow, you look gorgeous. I mean you're always gorgeous DUH but who doesn't like smushing extra gorgeous-goo on their face and changin' it up a bit?

  2. i actually really like that purple shadow on you!
    i too like to stick to my typical shades (golds, browns, and purples)...but trying out other eye shadow colors is so scary to me. always afraid i'm gonna look like a clown.


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