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Love is a Doing Word

Crop Top c/o Chicnova
American Apparel Pink Shorts (similar)
Urban Outfitters Belt
Shoemint Sandals (similar)

These pictures were taken from this past weekend at Cape May the morning after all the let's-pretend-like-we're-back-in-college festivities. I brought along these shorts mainly because I was so excited I could finally fit in them again. I bought them about a year ago, but after living on my own (for real) in New York City and eating so unhealthily, they were impossible to button. Lately I've been working really hard to eat better and stop being so stingy with my money (Who expects a 20-something year old to be saving money while living in the city?) and fitting back into these bad boys made it all worth it. Granted they're still a little snug, but I'll just pretend they're hugging me because they love me back.

Well, that was a weird blog post. It probably means I need to get out of my apartment. What are you guys doing over the long weekend?


  1. Oh Jen, I love those sandals so much, and I'm not even a sandal person... and I really dig your belt, too. YOUR LEATHER ACCESSORIES ARE JUST SO NICE! ARGHHUHUG!

    Weird blog posts are all right. Sometimes you just don't have too much to say, and that's cool n' junk ;)

  2. I've got to agree with Ali here. Your leather accessories are seriously great! And nah, I totally understand your "weird" content in this blog post. I feel like all of us can relate to that...particularly trying not to be stingy with money. That is a HUGE problem I have because I direct my stinginess to all the wrong areas and get into trouble with health and such.


  3. Love these shorts, so perfect with the crop top!! Yay for being healthy and having clothes fit better. I don't really weigh myself but go by the fit of my clothes.

  4. Great shorts love the color. Congrats on trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

  5. The shorts look really good on you, they don't look too snug at all. But I love your analogy of them hugging them you. lol

  6. this one is so cool!

  7. You look rockin' in those shorts and with that shirt.

    Good on you for choosing to eat better. I am actually starting to try that more myself....

  8. These shorts are so cute, I love the color! It's always such a great feeling when something fits again :) Love these shots!

    Xo, Hannah

  9. wow such an incredible outfit and photos! love it :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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