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It's Like a Dark Paradise

American Apparel Crop Top | Open Back Maxi Dress c/o Heavenly Couture |  Shoemint Sandals (similar) | Urban Outfitters Satchel (similar) | Forever 21 Bangle (similar), Necklace

Do you ever have those moments when you realize all of the pictures you're posting have your head at the same exact angle? I guess I decided the left side of my face deserved more action that day. The right side of my face just wasn't feeling up to the challenge. Posing is hard, man. Real hard.

I feel like this week is just whooshing on by, but that is probably due to the long weekend we were just graced with. Can all work weeks be four day weeks? Two days just isn't enough to recuperate. Then again, if we had four day work weeks, we would probably just wish for three day work weeks and then  eventually we'd never want to work. My plan is flawed. 

How's everyone's week going so far? 

P.S. Pretty sure I've reached my maximum limit for how many times I can say the word week this week. 


  1. I love this look! So simple! And that maxi skirt looks gorgeous paired with the crop top on you (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  2. Lovely look, you look nice as usual! Xx

  3. My week is flying by and that makes me happy. :)

  4. My week has dragged on, mostly because of intense allergies. You look amazing in this maxi skirt and it is so flowy! The bun is also super classic and classy looking.

  5. This swishy long skirt is so pretty! I love the action you were giving to the photos by twirling it around :)
    Also, haha, posing IS hard!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I really love that skirt + you look great in the whole outfit!

  7. so so cute! you look great! cute skirt!

  8. This maxi skirt is STUNNING on you, I love the color! The last spinning photo is my favorite!

    Xo, Hannah


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