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Kate Spade Spring 2014 Presentation

Earlier this afternoon, I had the opportunity to step out of work for a few minutes and check out the Kate Spade S14 presentation on the other side of Manhattan. Taking the crosstown bus from my office was quite the journey (such a short distance in such a long amount of time), but it was all worth it once I stepped into the garden party wonderland that is the Kate Spade spring collection. Seriously, it makes me want to travel back in time and host tea parties all over again.

I'm not normally a fan of too many feminine details but I fell head over heels for all the whimsical details and romantic silhouettes. One of my favorite looks is worn by the model down below with the pixie cut. Her entire look was styled perfectly from head-to-toe and if I could have taken it home with it, I would have. Oh, and can we talk about those strategically hidden pockets in the black and white patterned dress? Genius. 

The one item that I would definitely have to snatch up from the entire collection, would have to be the white color block coat (a few photographs below). Even though it's part of the Spring collection, I would rock it through all the fall and winter months. The perfect, slim silhouette if I've ever seen one. 

What looks are you loving? 


  1. omg i want EVERY SINGLE PIECE of this collection! thanks so much for sharing. since i started my new job i'm so behind with everything going on in the fashion world...*sigh*

  2. omg!!! i want everything!! i love the bubbly and happy colours!! :D lucky for you to be able to see these in real person!!

  3. i seriously want this WHOLE ENTIRE COLLECTION! god, that black and white gingham is just gorgeous. and did you take these pictures?? you were so CLOSE. i've never been to a show, but can everyone go to it or do you need an invite?

    xo marlen
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    1. Yup! I took all of these myself. And right? I had to keep myself from drooling all over the collection, haha!

  4. omg i love aLL The outfits!! Esp the red dress with the short hair girl -- but i may be biased now that i have short hair too lol


  5. So beautiful! Fab photos. I love all the lemon yellow especially.

  6. Lovely collection. It's feminine and classy, it does make you want to have tea parties as you mentioned.

  7. Oh thank you for sharing such lovely photos with us. I always love her collections.

  8. Just love all these pics! one of my coworkers got to visit NY for fashion week coverage for one of our websites and the first thing she wrote about was this presentation! it's so beautiful - i'm not too into designer clothing but Kate Spade is definitely one of those classics.

  9. I love the warm yellow colour in the first five photos, and the touch of mustard yellow peeking out on the right side of the sixth photo. I also like the pinks, and reds. That black and white patterned dress with the hidden pockets is gorgeous too. The Kate Spade Spring presentation is lovely.

  10. Your photos are amazing!!! I've been a Kate Spade fan for many moons, but this new collection is just so inspired. I love how it captures the classic KS femininity but adds a bit of playful edge. I'm also loving the pixie-haired girl's look- twinsies someday? :)

    I'm so glad you were able to go to the show- thanks for sharing, lovely lady!


  11. Oh god, I adore everything! I'm a bit obsessed with Kate Spade on an unhealthy level... their clothes and accessories are so feminine and fun!

    Xo, Hannah


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