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Free With You Tonight

H&M Beige Sweater (similar) | Forever 21 Dotted Blouse (similar) | Forever 21 Bow Shorts (similar) | Black Flats c/o Lulu*s | Kenneth Cole Watch (similar) | Pyramid Necklace c/o Gogo Philip (similar) 

It was a beautifully calm morning this Wednesday and I could hear the kids arriving at the school next door as I woke up (which always reminds me of the first few seconds of MGMT's Kids where the children count down). I had a few extra minutes to just sit around and actually breathe instead of rushing to catch the subway downtown. It's days like these where I wish I was traveling somewhere abroad, without a job or anything tying me down in one place, and heading out to a nearby cafe to enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Now that I've been living in New York City for over a year, I'm starting to get antsy and I'm craving a change in my everyday routine. Wanderlust, why must you kick in so strongly? 

Last night, Jeremy and I headed over to an authentic Turkish restaurant that one of his Turkish co-workers recommended to us. He was happy to temporarily transport his taste buds back to Turkey and I was happy to be surrounded by incredibly delicious food in general. Mmmm, kebabs. Get in my belly.  


  1. I really like the way you turned up the cuffs of your sleeves--it's so charming. And anything with a bow is big in my book! Sounds like the outing was fun and yummy. Hm, I want a kebab now. . .

  2. I like the oatmeal-on-cream combo. I guess it's still warm in NY?

  3. This.


    I love this!

    That is all.

  4. love it!!! simple chic and so pretty as always, jen!

    Animated Confessions

  5. Ahh I have so many beautiful outfit posts to catch up on. I love this little collegiate-inspired look with your sweater!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. i get what you meant here..sometimes i had the same feelings too.i had being in singapore for few years now..sometimes i want a vacation or just a small break.maybe 1 or 2 days of leave may help in this emotions. xo josephine

  7. Love this outfit! It's adorable on you.

  8. I love those shorts! The bow makes them something really cool. I know the feelings of wanderlust. As someone who grew up moving every few years the idea of living in one house for a long period of time is always a strange one to me. Change is fun!


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