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Homemade Halloween: Brock and Nurse Joy

Jeremy and I have wanted to be Brock and Nurse Joy (from Pokémon) for about two years now and we finally made it happen. Ever since middle school, I decided to stop buying costumes from the store and to just make them with things in my own closet (or things that I can find myself wearing again in real life), hence my series of homemade halloween costumes. The only thing I regret is not having my actual wig come in time, which is why I'm rocking a bob instead of giant loops of hair. Alas!

What did you guys dress up as for Halloween this year?


  1. how cute!! you look like a jigglypuff yourself! so adorable!

    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway

  2. YOU WERE A JEDI?! Marry me.

    This year I was a ninja turtle. Made the entire costume in 3 hours while watching Ferris Bueller. It's actually pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

  3. Haaaaaaa!!! That apron is so cute. You guys are so cute!

  4. That is amazing! I love nerdy halloweens, best of all. :)

  5. AW <3
    I was Ash a couple years ago :)


  6. This is SO CUTE! And you look so happy! Aw, the cockles of my heart are warmed :)

  7. You make the cutest little nurse ever!

    Xo, Hannah


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