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Joe Fresh Chambray Shirt (similar) | Dorothy Perkins Striped Dress borrowed from Lisa (similar) | What Time? Watch c/o Rakani Watches | Bracelet c/o Vineyard Vines | Black Fleece Lined Tights c/o Silkies | Studded Boots c/o YesWalker (similar) | Urban Outfitters Cat Ear Hat (similar)

I've officially found the perfect pair of winter tights. It's been an arduous four years on this blog and ever since I delved into the world of colored tights, patterned tights, and sheer tights...let me tell you, I know my tights. Thanks to the lovely people over at Silkies, I finally got my hands on some fleece lined tights and I'm not looking back. At first I thought they would be bulky and make me sweat when I wasn't out in the cold. To my surprise, they kept me ridiculously warm in the cold, but had enough ventilation to keep me comfortable indoors. Plus, it's like wearing invisible pajamas, to be honest. So if you're going to buy one thing this winter, and you live in frigid cold temperatures, get fleece lined tights. Period. 

Oh, and those leaves I'm sitting in? I spent four hours this past weekend raking them up. I no longer love leaves. (Just kidding, I will always love leaves). 


  1. There's that perfect watch again! Lovely outfit, and you're the second person to recommend fleece lined tights to me (the first being Elana of Room 334)...I'm thinking two great endorsements means that I know what I'm getting next! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Oh! I will have to remember fleece-lined tights because I was just mourning how hard skirts can be in the winter.

    You look darling- the stripes plus the cambray are just classic. And you are too cute throwing the leaves.

  3. You always layer in the cutest way possible! I've been wanting fleece lined tights for years, but have never actually gotten them. Well, that's going to change asap!

  4. You're bringing me back to the days of flannel-lined jeans, which were very popular in Minnesota in the late 90's. I owned several pairs, and they were most definitely the least flattering pants I've ever worn. But damn were they warm! I'm happy to see that there's a fashionista alternative :)

    And look at you in your cute leaves! Love it.


  5. love your studded boots! so funky and chic..you always have the ways to layer your outfits,and i absolutely adored everything you wore.i even introduce your blog to my siblings.

    xo josephine

  6. Fleece lined tights and leggings are the best thing ever!! I am wearing some as I type. I love these photos, that dress is gorgeous on you!

  7. Fleece lined tights sound like an amazing idea! And look at you being all cute in the leaves :)

    Xo, Hannah


  8. You look adorable, you got the perfect leaf throw in the second shot! So yeah, fleece lined tights... I have a black pair and a grey pair which I basically rotate daily during the winter haha, they are THE BEST!

  9. ahh yes!!! fleece lined tights = perfect invention for winter!! i hate jeans so those kinds of tights are the best!!

    Animated Confessions

  10. Yus I need me some of them. I got some sweater tights from Target and I really like them! (I do live in the South tho)


  11. Your dress is so cute! I love the unique stripes.

  12. Love how you layer your outfits. Oh! and the leaves are totally worth the four hours of raking :)

  13. these photos are so fun! i havent played in a pile of leaves in SO long! ah need to do it again!

    & Pretty Things

  14. Fleece-lined tights are the BEST!

    In that picture where you're lying down with the hat on your torso, I couldn't figure out what it was for a minute, and I was like, "Why did she put a big black polka dot in this picture? Is it art? I don't understand" haha

    & I love this title because "VCR" is my favorite Xx song :)

  15. FLEECE LINED TIGHTS. finally someone gets me. I bought my first pair whilst shivering my butt off in Paris studying abroad and took to wearing them under my jeans. Now I wear them with dresses, long sweaters, by themselves...all the time.

  16. I love the dress on you- these are such fun, adorable pics! I have that same hat and will probably have to style it with this dress now :)


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