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Guest Post: Kirsten's Holiday Tradition

Hello there, I’m Kirsten! Hope you’ve all had a happy holiday full of food, friends, family and cheer. I know I sure did! I love hearing about other people’s holiday traditions, whether it be a large gathering with enough food to feed a small country or a simple, intimate morning decked out in matching pajamas.

My family has always been very connected to our Finnish heritage, and Christmas is no time to forget that. For me, food has always been my favorite part of any holiday, so it’s no surprise that the Scandinavian smorgasbord my family serves on Christmas Eve is my favorite. As someone with a sweet tooth, I’d have to say dessert is my favorite part. Swedish pepparkakor cookies (think really thin gingerbread), buttery spritz cookies, spice cake, and classic rice pudding deck our table.

Every year we add a whole almond in the rice pudding and whoever finds it in their serving is supposed to have good luck in the upcoming year. This time I was the one to find the almond, and I’m hoping that means 2014 will be my best year yet!

Luckily, the holiday sweets don’t end there for my family. Every Christmas morning my mom makes Finnish oven pancakes for us all to enjoy after a busy morning of unwrapping presents. Top them off with some lingonberry sauce and… mmmmm. I’m in heaven. :)

What kind of traditions does your family follow for the holidays? Thanks for taking time to read about mine, and have a happy and safe New Year!


  1. A keepsake type thing, maybe his hands cast in plaster. Believe me, he can't even move his own head, he won't appreciate a gift, so a memory token is always a good thing!

  2. That cookies looks so yum! I think there's no a kind of tradition in our family, going to church amd we just simply have a dinner together on Christmas. Thanks for share with us, Kirsten! Happy Holiday too (:


  3. Fun to learn that Kristian has Finnish heritage and that her mom makes all these amazing pastries in the holiday time! my family is admittedly quite lame when it comes to holiday cooking. this year we ordered pizza.


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