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Guest Post: Kathy of Le Vintage Dress

“This is absolutely out of the realm of what I would normally be wearing” Jen told me when she put on the white vintage button down peplum dress I gave her. The Le Vintage Dress winter shoot was on top of the Andaz building downtown Wall Street. It was freezing outside and the snow had just started. It wasn’t your typical photo shoot, but any excuse to play dress up and take photos was a good enough reason to stand outside in the freezing cold weather. Right girls?

Well, what I told Jen was different than what I thought, but I responded with honesty, and that was she looked absolutely stunning. She also wore a vintage Jessica McClintock for Guinne Sax dress with a pair of combat lace up boots for the perfect statement:

In fashion, there exists in the world things that people feel like they should be but they aren’t and in order for Jen’s vintage epiphany to really change, she had to see it for herself. Every photo taken, Jen nailed the pose and expressed what every vintage dress should: true beauty and to sparkle amongst company.

Each dress is available on Photos by Sharon Nord


  1. All gorgeous ladies in lovely clothes.

  2. nice dresses dear. :) Love the polka dots. :)

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  3. i want your polkadot dress so much!!
    i like the way you edit your photos btw :)

  4. Lovely shots!! This sounds like a fun (albeit, cold) photoshoot! And I love all the vintage pieces

  5. jen you look just stunning in that white floral number! i agree it's so diff than your usual style but you look so wonderfully classy in it. def a fun photoshoot!


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