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The PNW Diaries: Organic Pies + Lakeside Views

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Our final day in Vancouver was a super relaxing one which consisted of generally a lot of eating. We had an early start to the day and met up with one of Jeremy's friends who he met while backpacking around eastern Europe last summer. His friend drove us toward the Spanish Banks, in the southwest of the city, and we had the most incredible pies at Aphrodite's Organic Cafe & Pie Shop. I didn't know I could have pies this fine.

After a quick stroll along the Spanish Bank beaches, we ended up heading back to the Chinatown area to take it easy after the previous day's walking adventures. We couldn't decide between two different places for dinner later that night, so Jeremy and I decided to have two mini-dinners as a solution. The first place was thanks to Jess's suggestion, Phnom Penh, which is known for their famously delicious chicken wings. Jeremy and I decided we could pretty much sit there for hours eating unlimited wings but we had to depart before we molded our butts into our seats.

Our second dinner was just at a quaint, little sushi place on Commercial Drive called Ginger Sushi. We wanted to take advantage of the amazing seafood and it was a nice and relaxing way to end our time in Vancouver. Since the place was so small, and it was getting late, we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves and even chatted a bit with the owners. Vancouver, you treated us well and our bellies even nicer. I'll be back for more of your noms soon. ;)


  1. Oh I LOVE your outfit here! and The idea of organic pies...yum!


  2. Hi - I live in Vancouver and I'm wondering why you keep saying "lake" when that's the ocean? You did that in your other post as well. I hope you enjoyed your trip though!

  3. Sounds like a delicious time. Also- you are a layering queen!

  4. beautiful pictures, Jen! love the skyline one.

  5. Thee photos are so gorgeous, such a perfect spot. Your adventures are making me super excited to head to Vancouver in a couple weeks!! I definitely want to try that pie place
    Also, this is such a perfect layered look, you are the queen!

  6. it really is gorgeous in vancouver, bc!! :D

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