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Ruffian F14 Show

On Saturday, I had a super early morning as I headed to the Ruffian F14 show. This time around, the inside of the main tent at Lincoln Square was dark, sleek, and modern.  I loved watching the collection come down the runway which explored "monastic opulence, tailored volume, and sober religious silhouettes - with lavish sumptuousness" (which, to me, meant this was one bad ass series of looks accompanied by extremely powerful music).

...I'm not very descriptive.


  1. Your interpretation sounds about right. Those shoes are fantastic!

  2. wow.. from what i can see.. bold pieces for sure! :D

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  3. pohohooohoo, these are absolutely delectable. Your description is on key, Jen-kins! Jenkins? That's not even a cute nickname that sounds like a butler. GOTTA THINK OF SOMETHING BETTER.

    But those red tights in that one shot mmmmm mmm goood

  4. I was at this show as well! I don't know how i feel about it. I was sort of let down by this collection from them, I don't know its not really what I had expected since I loved their past collections. To each their own...but I do love those shoes. lol



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