Le Motto Tote Bag Giveaway

After sharing my love for Le Motto's mission behind their brand in this morning's post, I'll be giving away a tote bag from the brand that spread the message of, "More Gratitude, Less Attitude." Le Motto focuses on supporting anti-bullying efforts through both positive messaging and donating 10% of their profits to various anti-bullying programs. A cause worth carrying around? Most definitely. 

I'll also be filling it with some surprise goodies on my end, heh. So, if you trust me and/or love the brand, enter down below!

Additionally, Le Motto is giving you guys 10% off any purchase from their site by using the code "jennifhsieh" (and hey, US shipping is free ). A brand new tee while support anti-bullying? Dream come true.


  1. I'm in! Thank you c:
    Email: ice.pand@gmail.com Xx

  2. Love it! Great cause too
    Email- thestyleduckling@hotmail.com


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