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Studio 12.20 : Festival Daze

It’s almost that time of year again where it is completely acceptable to run around with a headdress made entirely of daisies, your favorite cheeky denim cut-offs, and a crop top of one sort or another. It’s the time of year where you put a lot of thought into an outfit only to portray the idea that you put no thought into it (or because you might be photographed next to Vanessa Hudgens and you’ll be damned if you don’t look as good as her). 

You guessed it, festival season is here! But who are we kidding, we’re sure you’ve been gathering tie dye tanks and crochet pieces for this year’s most anticipated event since last summer. 

Let’s face it though, dishing out cash for quirky clothing items that you will only wear to these couple crazy music events (on top of the mad cash you dished to get your hands on the tickets) is a little absurd. That’s why Studio 12.20 gathered a ton of awesome stuff that is not only super relevant for whichever festival is on your radar this year, but will still translate into your daily wear when you return to earth.

From pretty kimonos that are just loud enough, to flattering and ultra comfy printed pants, to bright bralettes that may serve as a top while you're soaking up the sun in the valley, here are some of Studio 12.20's festival MUST HAVES. 

[Hint: Use code"Jen1220" for 15% off] 

This post is sponsored by Studio 12.20


  1. can i have everything?! I snagged a kimono on sale from H&M yesterday. It's a Large which is a little oversized but I couldn't just leave it all alone on the rack lol

  2. i just got a kimono too! love it already. it's funny how fast style can changes from fall to spring, both equally great but totally different.

  3. I wish I had a festival to go to so I could dress this cool.

  4. So cute! Unfortunately there aren't a lot of festivals I get to go to but hopefully I'll be headed to Loufest this year if the lineup is worth it!


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