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Like a Hummingbird Hovering

Topshop Mauve Sweater (similar) | Black Maxi Dress c/o For Elyse | Shoemint Studded Flats (similar) | Urban Outfitters Beige Satchel (similar)

My beloved black maxi dress, that has served me well for so many years, has been retired. After one of many washes I discovered that it had shrank, becoming more of a midi dress. Why it took so long to shrink, I don't know. But I spent a good few minutes staring at it in the mirror and getting a little emotional. Don't judge. 

But luckily, For Elyse came to the rescue and hooked me up with this bad boy. And I do feel bad saying this...but it's so much better. This one actually has an inner layer so it's not see through when the sun shines down (i.e.) upon it. Now I believe my life is complete again, thank you very much. 

Now please excuse me as I frolick around the city and enjoy the closest weather we've had to spring all week long. What do you guys have planned this weekend? 


  1. Oh, I love this outfit. Yay for the new maxi skirt.

  2. Sweet pictures and a great outfit - lovely. :)

  3. 3 things:
    1. that first photo is so sultry jen. geez!
    2. i'm in LOVE with your flats.
    3. i hate it when my clothing randomly decides to shrink. happens to me all the time!!! i have so many pieces that are just sitting in my closet that i'll never fit in to again...even though the size tag says otherwise. *sigh*

  4. ahh cute refreshing look! what type of camera or lens do you use?


  5. long skirt! i like long skirt but i am not dare enough to wear it since i am short.
    love the warm combination <3

  6. This time of year is so perfect for maxi dresses - not quite warm enough for bare legs, but still so anxious to wear dresses! I love that you layered the sweater, you look so comfy and cozy.
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  7. I like your wearable, simple styling with a twist! I am thinking about maxi skirt lately, with peekaboo shoes. I concern about the sheer too, though at some occasions it would be nice. Thanks for the inspo :)

    Naty Ponders/Chachamisu

  8. lookatchu carrying your fancy coffee ALL CUTE AND FANCY

    I like that skirt lots. It's twirly and fun, like youUuuU

  9. love the sweater over it--i just bought a new black maxi dress this weekend too and am excited to wear.

  10. The sweater is the nicest colour. I'm really enjoying your photos. Do you use a tripod or do you have someone take them for you? xoxox


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