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The Answers to Your Questions

I know, I know. It's been over a month since I asked you guys for your questions. Procrastination at its finest? You bet. You most likely forgot you even asked me a question, but I go! 

This was definitely the hardest question to answer, but here I go. Appetizer? A generous heaping of hummus and fresh, warm pita with some stuffed grape leaves. Entrees? First, I would request some incredible fried chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. And corn. Second, I would shove my face into the most incredible bowl of Pho. Wait, can I have a third entree of just endless buffalo wings? And dessert, without a doubt, would consist of an entire pavlova cake for myself. And now, I'm really, really hungry. 

I guess I'm generally a pretty happy person. Or maybe it's just the way my face looks all the time. No, that's a lie. I definitely have a case of the chronic bitch face so all that cheesin' actually takes a bit of effort. 

No, but seriously, it's usually because I have the best people that help photograph my outfits and they're always silly about it, which puts me in a great mood. 

...who's Jeremy? 

We met during our freshman year of college, which was almost six years ago, which is just ridiculous to me since I don't feel like I've known him quite that long. But then I guess that's a good thing, because it means I haven't gotten even a little sick of this dude. We lived in the same dorm at the time and met through mutual friends at a different college a few hours away. Any sort of relationship between us started toward the beginning of sophomore year, and we had a bit of a bumpy start that resembled one of those reality shows you watch as a guilty pleasure. But, here we are, and I haven't stopped loving him. Probably won't either. ;) 

I went into college not sure of what I wanted to do (just like the majority of people, actually). I majored in marketing since I knew I loved the business world, but I always wanted to end up on the creative end of the industry. Being in the business school, I never really got to delve into that end until I landed a photography internship with the Student Life Marketing + Media Team. Social media wasn't stressed as much as it is today, so I helped spearhead and develop a social strategy with the help of some incredible mentors. Running my own little blog was my personal outlet as well. 

Favorite: Blogging allows me to let out my creativity on my own terms, especially when I don't usually have that outlet professionally. When I'm blogging, I become a photographer, a writer, and a graphic designer. All amateur, of course, but it's all me and that's what I love about it. It's something I own from beginning to end and it's something I'm proud of through all the ups and downs. 

Least Favorite: Sometimes I stress myself out when I don't think I'm posting enough. And then I realize, no one's waiting on the other end and counting down the days until my next outfit. But let's be real, sometimes it's hard not to get sucked into your own head. That's when I take a step back and take a breather. 

Who doesn't feel self-conscious about their body in general? Amirite? But when it comes to blogging, it can definitely make things a little bit more difficult. You take so many pictures of yourself that you start to notice those little details that you normally wouldn't pick at. The way your face looks at certain angles, the way your body looks in certain positions, and the way your clothes look on you. About a year ago, I was actually in a really bad place with my personal image and I got sucked into that deep, dark hole of comparison. But, over time, you learn to embrace who you are. 

Oh, dear. I'm the worst person to ask about staying fit. I have the most inconsistent work out routine and it usually involves doing zumba routines that I find on YouTube for 30-minutes. On a good week, I'll work out four times. On a bad week, I find myself scarfing down a burger in my arm chair and watching Netflix. On an AMAZING week, I'll find myself doing both. What up. 

But the only tip I can wholeheartedly give, is to be forgiving and kind to your body. Forgive your body for its imperfections, and be kind by indulging it from time to time, but also choosing carrots over chips on occasion. As someone once told me, in the end, your health is the most important thing you have. 

I'm not entirely sure how to answer this one. Usually, I guess I just try to focus on the long-term as much as I can.  Hard work really does pay off, so if you remember what you're doing it all for, it'll make the effort easier in the short-term. It's the desire to see the pay off that keeps me going. 

Oh boy. It's a constant struggle. My biggest advice is taking more time to cook and just keeping a close eye on your bank account. Cooking my meals saves me so much money, especially when I bring my own lunch to work. And it's also learning how to resist temptations. Like, do I really need that fifth beer? No, no I don't think I do. (But let's be real, sometimes you just do, so you make exceptions). 

Oh, and matinées. I rarely watch movies in the evening any more because why not pay half the price by going in the morning? 

Hands down, the world of Harry Potter. I'm such a Hufflepuff, it's not even funny. What up, badgers. 

When Jeremy's around, I'll recruit him to take my photos for me. Otherwise, when it's during the weekdays, my co-worker Lindsay is more than happy to help me take some quick shots in between meetings. It's usually just a nice excuse to stop staring at our computer screens and get some fresh air. 

I edit all of my photos with Adobe Photoshop CS5. 

It varies greatly when it comes to cost, so the main thing I can say is don't expect it to be cheap. It's not affordable, but it can be manageable depending on the neighborhoods you live in and your budget to begin with. There's a higher standard of living but you're also getting so much culture and so many incredible experiences in a city as beautiful and captivating as this one. 

Advice? Don't expect it to be glamorous and if you're a complainer, this isn't the place for you. New York City will toughen you up, but for the better. 

D'aw. Shucks. I use my beloved and overused Canon 5D Mark II. The settings will always vary depending on where and when I'm shooting, but I usually shoot in aperture priority mode. 

After about a year of blogging, I was approached by Misikko about a possible sponsorship opportunity and it was something that was completely new to me. That's where it all began.  Over time, I started receiving more and more emails about brands wanting to collaborate. I've never personally reached out to anyone, but I've had to learn how to say no to companies that just don't align with my personal vision for this blog and who I am as a person. My sponsors keep me (and this blog) going and I'm always so thankful for their support. :) 

I actually did a post a little over a year ago about my New York City apartment, right when I first moved in. Granted, it looks pretty different now since I get bored easily and love to move my furniture around, but you get the jist of it. Well...if we're being honest here, it's usually an absolute mess. But that's not for you to worry about...

The local deli underneath my apartment. Their $5 burgers and fries combo? The best. The best.

Oh, you were asking about clothes? I'm pretty boring actually. I don't do much shopping anymore, unless it's online. When I actually do venture outside, I'll stop by the sale section of Urban Outfitters because who knows what hipster gems you can find in those never-ending, and often strange, racks of clothes. 


  1. This was so interesting to learn more about you (also- love that you are a Hufflepuff!)

    It was interesting too to find out a bit more about what moving to NYC was like for you.

  2. Haha that was a great Q&A post c:
    Your dream buffet made me hungry as well
    and I can't believe you are on team Hufflepuff!
    I'm on team mainstream Griffendor haha :') Xx

  3. YEE HAW! I like little questionnaires like this. And AWESOME answer to my food question. I especially like that you added a third course. Silly me, why would I think that two would be enough?! ERRYBODY LOVES FOOD!

    You are such a badger, you Hufflepuff. I'm a Ravenclaw. Let's be potter pals. ;)


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