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Just Don't Include Me Out

Forever 21 Navy Coat (similar) | Gap Striped Shirt (similar) | Modcloth Watercolor Skirt (similar) | Fleece-Lined Tights c/o Silkies | Aldo Black Oxford Wedges (similar) | Shoemint Satchel (similar) 

I'm cheesin' mad hard in all of these photos. Maybe I'm just trying to make up for the missing button on my beloved coat. Maybe I'm just feeling pretty awkward taking pictures with at least a hundred people walking by. Maybe I'm just really loving my outfit because, come on, stripes you guys. Maybe I'm just glad it's finally Hump Day and it's only getting closer and closer to the weekend. Or maybe I'm not entirely sure and I'm just trying to figure out what I should write about in this blog post and filling up white space.

Honestly? It's most likely all of the above. It's most definitely all of the above.


  1. I like all the way the blues play together and man, that skirt really emphasizes your tiny waist! Jealous! ;)

  2. This striped top looks so great with that amazing skirt!! I usually end up looking angry when people are walking by haha

  3. such a fun skirt, dear!! :D

  4. your skirt is a magical splattery constellation of wonder and navy hue

    it's okay to smile and be cute, even when there are 100s of people walking by. n_n JUST KEEP SMILIN' ON, JEN-CHAN!

  5. I love the way you showcase pretty skirts! Your Modcloth watercolour skirt is lovely and looks fabulous paired with your Gap striped blouse and Forever 21 navy coat.

  6. looked so girlish!! love your look in this flare the prints and the color.i can imagine you wearing this skirt during summer..can't wait for more ways to style this skirt.

    xo josephine

  7. I LOVE the skirt. really! I love the pattern in there. ;) Irene Wibowo

  8. Every time you wear that skirt I desperately hope it's back in stop. And it isn't!

    1. Stock...not stop...can you tell I'm sleep deprived???


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