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Boston: The Walking City

Forever 21 Elbow Pad Sweater (similar) | Urban Outfitters Mustard Skirt (similar) | Fleece-lined Tights c/o Silkies | Studded Boots c/o YesWalker (similar) 

I could not have asked for a more relaxing weekend up in Boston, you guys. The friend we were visiting lives in Jamaica Plains, which is more on the outskirts of Boston, and it has the coolest community full of small businesses. Saturday was Buy a Record Day so we stopped by Tres Gatos, a tapas bar that also sells records, cd's, and books. Then we hopped on over to Streetcar which has a sick selection of wines and beers.

The weather was absolutely perfect the whole time and we spent Saturday just lounging around on the porch with our armfuls of beer, listening to vinyl. I know, I sound obnoxiously hip, but you guys...that's what serenity feels like. Especially when it's a cloudy day and you alternate between the cool, calming breeze and the lightly burning sun.

The second day was a bit more active as we explored the majority of downtown Boston. It always surprises me when I travel to a city that's a lot more walkable than New York City. Within an hour or two we explored a good number of neighborhoods, which would have taken all day back home. It's not a bad or a good thing...just different. And different is nice from time to time.

P.S. Can you talk about a throwback to fall with this color palette? Amirite?


  1. Glad you had such an awesome weekend!!! Boston is a SUPER walkable city - people always look at me like I'm crazy when I say I walk from Downtown Boston to Cambridge without a problem. And it's crazy since my boyfriend's going to live in JP next year! Awesome!

  2. Oh wow, for a minute I thought you actually lived in Boston and I was going to say NO WAY! But just read you were here just for the weekend... Where do you live? By the pictures I see you're in South Station, so you must have either taken the train or a bus. I love Boston, and yes, it's pretty walkable. You can go from one end of Boston to another within 1 hour and 30 mins to 2 hours...

  3. elbow pad sweater always make me weak in the knee..i had to buy them if i found elbow pad sweater.i just love love love it so much,just like the way i love polka dots and stripes..your weekend sounded so much fun!! i did not go anywhere on easter..preferred to relax in my room before school started.

    xo josephine

  4. I've never been to Boston before, but people told me similar things about the city -- how different it is, in just a different way!
    Ahh throwback to autumn -- loving the vibes!

  5. The first thing I thought of was fall with the color combination! And I'm always so surprised when people say that New York isn't as walkable as some cities. To me (a St. Louisian), any city is more walkable than mine haha


  6. I visited Boston a few years ago and fell in love! It's a beautiful city! There's a lot of history in NYC, but you can really see it in Boston!

  7. Personally, I think these colors should be en vogue all year long. You look so cozy and fantastic. Glad you have a good time.

  8. Loving the color combination! You always have a knack for mixing clothes! xx

  9. yes, throwback to fall, but also so lovely for spring! you look amazing!


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