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Thick Skin and an Elastic Heart

Gap Striped Top (similar) | Forever 21 Jeans | Gap Chambray Top (similar) | Olive Ankle Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar) | Tan Tote Bag c/o LuLu*s 

This Monday hit me like a truck. Right in the gut. Can we rewind a little and go back to the weekend?

One of my best friends all the way back from middle school is heading overseas to Paraguay to join the Peace Corps in a month so we caught up this past Saturday over some Korean fried chicken and one too many drinks for a casual afternoon. I'm really going to miss him but we have a way of growing up without growing apart so I'm not too worried there.

What were you guys up to this weekend?


  1. i always love looking at your outfit photos and said to myself : wow,this girl is brave and cool!! she can smiles and pose perfectly in front of so many strangers in public! i totally salute her..
    i really love your photos so much..i need to learn some skills from you..

    xo josephine

  2. Ugh, Mondays. This weekend I cooked with my boyfriend, and we also did some urban hiking and movie-watching. That tote looks so roomy and useful!

  3. I love this simple, but classic look.

    Tomorrow I have an interview, so Monday does not seem as intimidating as usual (at least, not in comparison to Tuesdays!)

  4. Your outfit helps remind me that it IS getting warmer these days (slowly but surely...), although I missed most of the good weather this weekend because I was at work. Somehow I was persuaded to pick up an extra shift because I didn't want to walk back to my apartment and there was a cute boy to talk to – both completely logical reasons, of course. Hope you had a good start to your week! xx

  5. that is so nice that you and your friend can stay apart without growing apart! such relationships are so special!
    as for your outfit -- loooooove the olive green booties. especially with the striped top :)

  6. Simple and pretty! You look lovely :)


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