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Splatters of Neon

Forever 21 Denim Jacket (similar) | American Apparel Black Crop Top (similar) | Urban Outfitters Neon Paint Splatter Dress (similar) | Converse Blue Sneakers (similar) 

Summer stopped by for a hot second this past weekend and I took full advantage of it with bare legs and bare arms. Then I got my hopes up yesterday and continued to rock those short sleeves and was bombarded by cold and rainy winds. And now I'm hearing that people woke up to snow on their cars. Sigh. But at least we had a momentary break from the lousy weather and I'm pretty thankful for that. Soon enough those temperatures in the 60's and 70's will stick around. Soon enough.

I'm heading to Boston with a few others this weekend to visit a friend who's in grad school up there. The last time I visited was for Santa Con in December (yeah, I'm one of those people but there's no shame in my game) and we didn't do much else but hang around his house and check out the bars. Hopefully this time we'll get to explore the heart of the city since we're not heading back as early. The last time I was able to really explore was when I road tripped to Boston after my freshman year of college to see The National perform. Anyone from Boston (or the surrounding area) have any suggestions?


  1. First off, LOVE your dress. Second, I live in Boston! My best recommendations are to go on a longgggg walk through the Common, Public Gardens and along the Esplanade (either off Charles/MGH on the red line or Boylston St. on the Green line), do the Freedom Trail walk (literally just follow the red bricks - starts on the Common, too!), visit Faneuil Hall (Government Center station is currently closer, but it's about a 10-15 minute walk from the Common as well - very touristy, but still some nice shopping), Newbury Street (more shopping, but very cute! Also straight off the Public Gardens/Common), and hell, a duck tour is pretty hysterical. My favorite places to eat are Boston Burger Co (off Hynes on green line or Davis Sq on red line), Veggie Galaxy (Central off Red), Flour Bakery (Central off Red, other locations too but are a bit harder to get to), and Max Brenner (Copley off Green). Hope you have an awesome/amazing time!!!

  2. It was a hot second of summer, wasn't it? Perfect way to describe it. Now it's cool again which I'm totally okay with... except we didn't get snow, so I can see why others wouldn't be as happy, hahaha. "SNOWMEN IN APRIL! WAHOO!" said no one ever, I'm sure.

    Those are the cutest periwinkle colored converses, Jen!

  3. Very nice! Those converse look a little different from the normal ones and I think I do like them! A little more feminine perhaps?


  4. that weather is such a tease around here. its ridiculous. but, you look stunning! :)

  5. You look adorable & I especially love those sneakers! Have fun in boston!! :)

  6. Adorable print on the skirt! <3

  7. really love your sporty outfits!! i think you suit very well in sneakers..and those color are just perfect!! you know what, i always think converse selling sneakers in red,beige and white only.i was wrong!!

    xo josephine

  8. so much fun!! that skirt is just funky!! :)

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  9. Your Urban Outfitters Neon Splatter Print Dress is very artfully pretty and, of course, looks fabulous styled and worn by you with your black American Apparel crop top and faded light blue Forever 21 denim jacket.


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