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Vintage Struggles + Tears in my Skirt

Gap Striped Shirt (similar), Magenta Vintage Skirt c/o Brag Vintage (similar), Black Peep-Toe Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar, similar), Reversible Tote c/o LuLu*s 

Weekend, I love you. And you're finally here. 

This vintage skirt is still one of my favorite pieces to date because of all the reasons. All of them. But vintage skirts have a tendency to be really small at the waist (probably because they didn't know the glory and tragedy of fast food as it stands today), so this skirt usually only fits perfectly in the morning. Once I get some breakfast and lunch in my system, it's a struggle, let me tell you. It's such a struggle, that I actually ripped the left side of the waistband wearing it. You can see the rip in the picture below, but let's not talk about it. Actually, I could've just not mentioned it and gotten away with it. But whatever, sometimes greasy chinese food for lunch is worth tearing your skirt for.


  1. Ah, that skirt is so cute! Such a great color and you look so happy. And girl, FOOD over EVERYTHING. I'd say the greasy chinese food was probably worth it :)

  2. Ah cute! And yes, sometimes the food is worth it :)

  3. idk why but i like you wearing long outfit more than short one, maybe it suits you the best!
    this look is just so cute and also the pink color!

  4. omg that is such a cute skirt! I totally get the tiny sizes too :( I bought a pretty skirt from someone and it had a rip in the side. I fixed it myself and soon realized it would only fit XS/S that way ha

  5. Those shoes are so perfect with that skirt! You totally pull it off, rip and all :)


  6. I thought I was the only one that had that problem with skirts! I have one from Zara, that fits perfectly in the morning, but towards the end of the day I always have to unzip it, otherwise I can't breathe x) it's terrible, but the lengths we go to for a pretty skirt (I only bought mine in that size because it was on sale and such a steal and it was the last size left, so I just had to buy it you know?)

  7. haha! food > skirts, usually.
    vintage clothing is always SO SMALL. I can barely find anything that fits me, which is a shame because vintage dresses are probably the most beautiful things in the universe.

  8. omg!!!! im in love with this look!!! your messy hair, the peep toe boots, and that hot pink skirt!!! LOVE!! :D

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