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The Hudson Project Diaries: Day 2

H&M Sporty Crop Top (similar), Urban Outfitters High-waisted Denim Shorts (similar), Studded Black Boots c/o YesStyle (similar), Forever 21 Blue Polka Dotted Bikini Top (similar) 

The second day was definitely my absolute favorite (it usually is, actually, come to think of it). It was a pretty chill day with a few bands I had added to my list that I got to know in recent months. But then the night, you guys. The night.

After a really incredible performance by Bonobo, we danced our way over to Big Gigantic and once they started playing the rain started pouring and, combined with all the sweaty bodies and the incredible light show, it was just absolutely perfect in so many ways. So many good vibes. Too many good vibes. Oh, and ending the last song with fireworks? They made a perfect show even more perfect.

P.S. The mud on my shorts are courtesy of the girl who splashed me with her flip-flops and didn't bother to apologies. You are the worst.


  1. dancing in the summer rain is the best! for some reason it creates so much joy and nostalgia.
    which band performances were your favs?

  2. Ugh people that do annoying things and don't even consider apologizing (whether it was an accident or not) are just awful. Common courtesy just goes over their heads, I suppose, but I'm sorry that you had to experience that.
    But I sure hope that the festival made up for it! It sounds like you're enjoying :) love the look!

  3. I'll check out Big Gigantic then! Anyway, *ughh* that girl. You are the worst! Hahaha


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