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The Hudson Project Diaries: Day 3

Urban Outfitters Black Crop Top (similar), Vintage Patterned Shirt c/o Platinum & Rust (more), Urban Outfitters High Waisted Button Shorts (similar)

So remember how I mentioned it rained during Big Gigantic's Saturday night performance? And how incredibly amazing it was? Jeremy's vintage tent (passed down from his dad) didn't agree quite so much as it was partially flooded by the time we got back to the campgrounds. Old tents weren't built with tarp bases so the water happily made itself at home. We managed to use our blankets to create a "dry" foundation and luckily I had this shirt to use as a blanket. And boy, it was one hell of a warm blanket, surprisingly.

This shirt is actually gifted from Leah of Platinum & Rust, a really cute online, vintage boutique. I'm usually a little reluctant to trust the fit of vintage pieces, but she's got some solid picks and this one caught my eye right off the bat (I mean, I guess it's hard not to notice it with those bright ass colors). I guess you could call them jewel tones? Definitely going to transition well into the fall months.

Go check out her store and take advantage of the 20% off discount using the code "JEN". I'm already tempted to be a tool and use it myself for these babin' shorts. Or these. babin' a word?

But anyway, the last day of Hudson, despite having gotten a pretty damp sleep, was really relaxing and luckily we were planning on leaving the festival early anyway so we missed the entire drama that was the "Mudson Project". All in all, it was a really awesome time and I can see myself wanting to go again next year...even with all the mud. 2015, bring it on!


  1. Dude, I am the same way with vintage pieces! I feel like my boob space is always lacking for the way vintage clothes fit. Idk, I'm sure there are some small ones. My body just never seems to be right for them. But I'm glad you found such a rad piece! Very jewel tone-y indeed. ;)

  2. You make crop tops look so chic and cool!


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