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Are We Out of the Woods Yet

Forever 21 Beige Coat (similar), Urban Outfitters  Oatmeal Cropped Knit Sweater (similar), Black Striped Midi Dress c/o LuLu*s (similar), Black Fleece-Lined Tights c/o Silkies, Black Flats c/o LuLu*s (similar), Forever 21 Earmuffs (similar) 

Don't hate for the use of Taylor Swift lyrics in my blog post title. I'm not the biggest fan of that song but these lyrics are pretty accurate when it comes to describing this post. We had just packed up and said goodbye to our little cabin, our home for this past weekend, and we were just about to drive out of the woods. So take that hate and put it up your butt.

But anyway, since no one was probably hating anyway except my inner self, by the look of the trees around me you can tell winter is quickly pushing fall out of the way and replacing the sea of oranges and reds with bare branches and icy mornings. All I have to say is, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


  1. No hate from me, I quite like the song! I love how you paired the sweater over your dress, that's something that I like to do a lot. I hope you had a well-deserved rest and enjoyed your little escape to the cabin. Back to the city you go, and hopefully with a fresh mind! I'm still away on holiday at the moment and clutching to the days - time goes by too fast sometimes.

    x Jenn

  2. omg!! the background for these photos are outstanding!!! :D looking ever so perfectly dressed for fall/winter! :D

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