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Love Letter to Oversized Flannel

Forever 21 Navy Bomber Coat (similar), Red Oversized Plaid Shirt c/o Sheinside, Levi's 501 Boyfriend Jeans, Gabriella Rocha Mauve Booties (similar), Aldo Backpack (similar)

Dear Oversized Flannel,

You complete me.

You're not like the other flannel made for women. Those flannels are fitted or always have some pink or purple mixed in to make the plaid more "feminine". The sleeves are always too well designed to fit my arms so it's hard to casually throw it on over a t-shirt without feeling confined.

You're also not like flannel made for men. Don't get me wrong; men's flannel? Phenomenal. Always the softest fabric. The warmest fabric. The perfect colors. BUT THEY FO' MEN. They hang off my body like a lifeless piece of cloth.

So this is why, oversized flannel, I love you so dearly. You're made for my womanly (sort of) figure but you still leave enough room so I feel wild and free. You're thick enough to keep me warm and long enough to wear around the apartment without pants, where I won't feel weird about being pantsless in front of my open, curtainless windows. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you (until my Netflix habits get out of control and I can't fit into you anymore). Keep doing that thing you do.



  1. would you believe, i haven't worn flannel ever?! i think I'm missing out! i need to start soon!!! :D hahaha!

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  2. I bought an Old Navy women's flannel two sizes too big one year before they started making all their flannels using patterns meant for business button downs and it's the bomb.


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