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When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

Gap Utility Jacket (similar), Madewell Textureworks Sweater, Forever 21 Jeans, Georgia Tan Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar), Aldo Backpack (similar)

Now that we're pretty well into November I feel fall slowly creeping away so now it's time to step up my fall game. Fall foliage in my pictures? Check. Baked a pumpkin pie? Check. Plans to go apple picking this weekend? Oh, you bet that's a check. Now let's see if I can successfully bake my very first apple pie afterward. Challenge accepted.

Actually I guess you only say "challenge accepted" when someone else challenges you.

Eh, whatever.


  1. love your casual wears..and let's me challenge you to bake an apple pie..

    xo josephine c.

  2. Loving that jacket!!
    I've never made an apple pie, but I've made an apple crisp, haha. I go hte easy way

  3. Good luck with the pie baking. Mmm!

    I like this chic but simple look.

  4. on the other hand, we're having snowfall over the weekend here in my city. I'm terribly missing the orange leaves in our sidewalk..

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  5. Jen, your blog and photos are always so on point all the time, it's dumb. And your fall game is also way too on point. Stop it. xx

  6. How are you the only one on that street? C'est bonkers.

  7. Apple pie, oh please! I would love to read about it in your blog. :)


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