Diving Into the Holidays

Green Plaid Coat c/o StyleMoi (similar), Madewell Textureworks Sweater, White Skater Skirt c/o LuLu*s, ASOS Thigh High Socks, Black Flats c/o LuLu*s (similar)Forever 21 Earmuffs (similar)

I've got a pretty easy two-day week at work and then I'll be full on diving into the holidays. Can I get a "What, what?!" My family doesn't really celebrate much of the holidays but I just can't wait to be home either way. It's going to be glorious. GLORIOUS.

I still have to finish up some last-minute holiday shopping, mostly for Jeremy's family, but I will prevail. It's mostly wrapping everything, which is usually my favorite part, so I don't mind too much. Give me some christmas cookies and milk on the side and I'll be all set for a good night.


  1. That coat is perfection! I love how you went with the winter hue with that skirt and may I just say you look so classy ;)

  2. Enjoy your holidays, you stylish thing!

  3. aahhh enjoy your time dear!!! happy holidays from me to you!!! :D

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