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The Most Epic of Bums

Forever 21 Dolman Brown Wrap Coat (similar, similar), Urban Outfitters Cropped Oatmeal Sweater (similar), Orange Dress c/o LuLu*s (similar), Lattice Shaping Tights c/o Silkies, Black Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s, Orange Plaid Scarf c/o Persun Mall (similar)

Ever since stepping foot in my parent's house yesterday, I've become the most epic of bums (and I'm not talking about the butt kind of bum). Eating numerous times a day? Check. Staying in the same pair of PJ's for 24 hours? Check. Watching hours of Saturday Night Live clips and cackling to myself? Check. Sleeping three times my normal amount? Check. Listen to numerous Serial theme song remixes? Absolutely.

Now about all those things I was supposed to be doing in order to be productive this break...not so much. I mean, who really wants to go shopping for last minute holiday gifts when the malls are going to be filled up to the brim with humanity. Sounds exasperating.

Now excuse me, there's a few more hours of Netfix calling out my name and beckoning me over to the empty spot on the bed. Enjoy the holidays, everyone! :)


  1. You look lovely as always, merry Christmas! Xx

  2. you look amazing!!! :D i now have a scarf similar to that (got it as a xmas present) and i can't wait to style it!! :D

    Happy Holidays!
    Animated Confessions

  3. That is exactly how the day after a holiday should be spent - no going out or getting dressed, just pjs and a couch.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. i like this you tone and you have nice smile.... cool...

  5. love your coat !


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