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This Time I'm Feeling a Change

Green Sweater Coat c/o Sheinside (similar), American Apparel Gray Tank (similar), Levi's 501 Boyfriend Jeans, Gabriella Rocha Taupe Booties (similar), Shoemint Crossbody Canvas Satchel, H&M Thin Gold Rings (similar)

It's almost the start of yet another year and for once I'm a little reluctant to make goals or resolutions. It's not because I regret committing to the ones I couldn't cross off my list (because I'm so insanely proud of the ones with a big fat check mark next to them that the ones left behind don't even matter); it's more so that the older I get, and the more my priorities and circumstances change, I realize that everything starts with your internal self and those are the things actually worth changing to get to the places you eventually want to be.

Resolutions and goals you set won't matter months down the road. Heck, sometimes not even days down the road. So fuck it, na'mean?

...that doesn't mean I won't be writing some down anyway just because it's still fun to see how dramatically your mindset can change in merely 365 days.

Come on, 2015, show me whatchu got.


  1. Always amazing

  2. i loved seeing how you styled your sweater coat, i was sent the same one in burgundy and needed some inspo!

    C's Evolution of Style

  3. I know exactly what you mean. it's hard to try and stick to goals or resolutions when you never know what the year can bring! circumstances change, people change, and obviously personal goals change too. but it's nice to start off the year inspired to improve!
    you're looking effortlessly chic, as usual. :) happy holidays to you!

  4. bring it on, 2015!!! :D
    incredible look, jen!!! i love the color palette of this look!

    Animated Confessions

  5. I love that jacket and scarf combo. I'm not really feeling resolutions this year, but maybe I'll have a change of heart before the year is up.

  6. I love this big comfy coat that you're wearing! It looks so warm! Most years I made resolutions and wanted to stick to them but didn't care either way. This year, I'm like HELL YES I CAN DO THIS!

  7. I think one's inner mindset and having goals/priorities tend to work hand in hand rather than opposite teacher. You make the goals and priorities you do because of how you view the world. However, i think sometimes that shift in mindset doesn't always come right at January either, so people go and do what they can to live a great life :)

    I adore this outfit. Very chic but not just the right amount of undone looking. A sort of effortless feel to it all. Plus, you hair is looking very nice in the portrait shot of you.


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