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Coconut Custard Christmas Coma

Western Dress c/o Levi's, Olive Nottingham Sweater c/o For Elyse, Lattice Shaping Tights c/o Silkies, Forever 21 Brown Wrap Coat, Stars Duffel Bag c/o Surfdome, Black Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s

I've had one too many slices of coconut custard pie today. I fell asleep last night cuddling an empty plate, upon which a slice once sat, but not for very long. I woke up, had breakfast, then helped myself to another slice. Then I ended lunch in a similar fashion. Then...then those afternoon hangry feelings came about and as I made my way down to the kitchen the pie was all like "I've been waiting for you." Is this what true love feels like?

Most likely.


  1. this was what i did when i was in hometown..eating non-stop while my parents cooking non-stop..i guess they just scared we don't have enough food.

    xo joselovincolors

    your hair is so cUTE in a ponytail, JEN! I just love it.
    Also, please don't ever feel bad for missing posts. Mine are so sparse lately and I know I miss 4897983934% of yours half the time, but I'm always watching... waiting... lurking... to loooove you ;D

  3. Cute look I love the chambray
    Merry Christmas

  4. You looks like so sweet :) nice look. Merry Christmas

  5. likes your tone and simple ... love it style...

  6. LOVE your coat
    and your bag is super adorable

    merry Christmas, Jen!

    The Sweetest Escape 


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