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Navy Blazer Coat c/o StyleMoi (similar), Madewell Chambray Shirt, Madewell White V-Neck, White Plaid Pleated Skirt c/o LuLu*s (similar), H&M Thin Silver Rings (similar), Pyramid Necklace c/o Gogo Philip (similar), Fleece-Lined Tights c/o Silkies (similar), Black Flats c/o LuLu*s (similar)

Things are amping at work over the next few weeks so I'm especially cherishing this next upcoming weekend of having no plans and nothing to do. I'm filling it up with personal errands and gym runs before taking time for myself becomes more of a myth. Oh, and of course fitting in a trim as well since my bangs are, once again, obstructing my vision. Such a high maintenance hair style, na'mean ?

Don't get me wrong though, I'm insanely pumped for things to get busy at work - though it can be stressful at time, nothing excites me more than busy days and plenty of traveling. Next week I'll be heading to Utah with two other co-workers; I know it's going to be both a challenge to cover such a big, live event but also so much fun. Plus, I've never been to Utah before so I have no idea what I'm in store for. It might not be any warmer, but it'll still be a much needed change of pace. 


  1. Very nice look , you're stunning !

    Kiss ! Yuyu

  2. I love your layered outfit and the photos of you wearing it. You always look so happy in your outfit photos! That Lulu*s fine pleated white plaid skirt is beautiful.

  3. Utah!? So close! Haha, I live in Idaho, so I've usually driven to Salt Lake City for concerts that pass through there. Anyway, hope you have a fun trip when it arrives. Till then, enjoy the long weekend!
    Love your cute outfit - that print on the skirt is perfect. I want to find a grid-lock pattern similar to that, only in a cozy cardigan :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Are going to Alt? Or Sundance?

    As for Utah- except a lot more snow in addition to it being at least as cold as NYC (though I've been told it is a very different kind of cold because NYC is closer to the ocean, and that dampness can sink into you the way Utah's cold doesn't). Utah in general is very pretty and very clean. Hope you enjoy it.

    Love the skirt! Enjoy the time you have for you :)

  5. i love how you styled this look, that skirt just POPS!

    C's Evolution of Style


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