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Review | Leaders USA Face Masks

I remember when I was way younger and still going through puberty (actually, I'm not quite sure when puberty fully ends mentally), one of my aunts took me to go get a facial - my first ever. I was that awkward person who actually fell asleep during my facial and the ladies working had to work together to try to wake me up. But dude, that facial was glorious and I remember feeling so fresh faced and simultaneously freaking out about going outside and exposing my face to all the toxins out there in the big, bad world. But,  it was also my last facial, because the price tag on those things is pretty, pretty hefty.

Well, I was recently introduced to these awesome face masks by Leaders USA and I love them. They're only around $3-4 per mask since they come in sets of ten and, since it's a do-it-yourself at home sort of deal, you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself when you doze off and a little bit of drool lands on the facial pillow. Nap away, my friends. Nap away.

My favorite of the three that I tried was definitely the balancing recovery mask since it focuses on blemishes and oily skin, two of my most hated enemies. Like, the hate is really, really real. The reason I love these masks compared to others that I've looked at in the past is how customizable they are to so many different skin types, giving you a shit ton of treatment combinations. I had a little trouble getting it to fit perfectly on my face, but once I got the positioning right, it stayed on just fine through an entire episode of Luther on Netflix (which I highly recommend all of you watch).

If you guys decide to try out some masks, let me know which ones you ended up going for!

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  1. I have always wanted to try sheet masks, but have never found anything I thought was worth trying. But I think I'll check out the Leaders USA ones...!

  2. i have tons of sheet masks in my rack now..i always love "me-time moments" with sheet mask laying on top of my face while watching some dramas or mister knew me so much,whenever i did facial mask he won't talk to me till i done.and i like whitening and lifting masks a lots.i guess i need lifting treatment a lots more now..

    xo joselovincolors

  3. Is it weird that I've always wanted to try one of those masks? I would look like a serial killer, but still! The recovery mask sounds perfect for me!


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