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Single Digit Temperatures + Aging

Obey Navy Sweatshirt c/o LuLu*s (similar), Red Oversized Flannel c/o Sheinside (similar), Black Tanya Jeans c/o Level 99 Denim, H&M Navy Polka Dot Socks (similar)

Indoor pictures become more and more of a necessity as the temperatures get lower and lower. I don't know how I managed in the past winters (I even took my coats off) but maybe it's all a part of getting old and just wanting to be comfortable in all possible situations. When did I start choosing Netflix marathons and home cooked meals over wild nights at the bars? It's always baffling when you approach the moment where you realize that aging really is a thing; College Jen over here is like "Help! I'm fading!" and Current Jen is all like "kthxbai!" Then College Jen is like, "...what did you just say?" and Current Jen is all like, "IDFWU." But then College Jen prevails sometimes anyway because I'm still young and it's ridiculous that I think I'm getting old.

But back to lower temperatures and the fact that it's going to be 1°F when I leave my apartment in two minutes. Excuse me while I sob icicles all the way to the subway stop.


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