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Breakfast Recipe | Open-Faced Croissant Sandwich

What did I tell you about my love for croissants? I wasn't lying about my obsession; it's an obsession that I'm 100% okay with and one that I never want to leave my side. This time, instead of pleasing my sweet tooth, I decided to go for a more savory dish and indulging Jeremy and I with some mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches.

Open-faced Breakfast Croissant Sandwich
Servings: 2

2 Small Croissants
2 Large (Brown) Eggs
Cream Cheese
Fresh Cilantro
1 Ripe Tomato
Salt + Pepper


Super easy.

Preheat the oven to 350°F. While the oven is doing its business, melt a small dab of butter on your small sized skillet over low heat. Once the butter is fully melted, crack an egg and fry it to your liking. Jeremy always prefers it on the runny side but I'm a fan of my eggs over hard.

While your egg is slowly cooking and becoming a glob of deliciousness, pop your croissants (cut in half) into the oven face down. They'll crisp up fast, so don't leave them in longer than 2-3 minutes. Once ready, take them out and spread a thin layer of cream cheese on one side. Sprinkle some fresh cilantro on the cream cheese, add another layer of tomato slices, and then gently slide your fried egg onto your sandwich from the skillet. If you're adventurous, drizzle some of the leftover butter in the skillet onto your sandwich for the perfect finishing touch!

Happy Nomming!


  1. yes yes yes!! in my mouth now!!!! hahaha! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I love when you share your breakfast recipes with those mouthering pictures! I'm gonna making this!


  3. Um seriously? You are making my mouth water! I can't wait til I visit you and you cook me breakfasts like these <3


    be the plebeian


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