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Beyond the Stars and Into Jackson Heights

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Now that the weather is getting nicer, Jeremy and I are making more of an effort to leave Astoria and explore other neighborhoods of New York City, mainly in Queens. Next on our list was Jackson Heights since I heard tale of incredible Indian and Thai food. Our eyes (and stomachs) were focused on setting up shop at some cheap and incredible Indian buffet so we made our way to the Jackson Diner. Boy oh boy, it didn't disappoint. They had the most perfect, little potato samosas, some kick-ass goat, and then don't even get me started about the rice pudding. The only regret I ever have when I go to buffets like this is how small and WEAK my stomach is. Like, get it together stomach, THIS FOOD BELONGS IN YOU. Don't quit now!

But besides the nomalicious experience, we just took some time to walk off the pounds of food we devoured and just see how culturally different Jackson Heights was compared to the surrounding neighborhoods, despite being just blocks apart from each other. Oh Queens, you're such a magically diverse place.


  1. indian food is really amazing!! my favorite is "nasi briyani"..not sure you try it before or not but it is superb! this dish contains rice cooked with spices and can dine with either mutton,chicken or just vegetarian..i'm drooling

    xo joselovincolors

  2. Wow. You just brought memories flooding back for me. I love Indian food, once dated a woman who lived in queens, and we dined in an Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights a couple of times. I ordered mine medium and it was very spicy hot - way hotter than the Indian food I'd had at Gaylord's in Manhattan. I remember the El rumbling by. I'm vegetarian and can eat many Indian dishes. I love potato samosas, vegetable pakoras, raeta, poorhi bread, dal, and that's just the appetizers. We ate other kinds of cuisine at restaurants in queens as well. I had my first potato knish in Queens.
    I love that Gap 1969 Tencel Denim T-shirt. It's a pretty robin's egg blue and I like the stitching.

  3. In love with everything you're wearing! The top, the shoes, the rings!! #want
    And now I want Indian food! Yum!

  4. Mmmm, that Indian food place sounds divine! Now I've gotta hunt down a joint that serves similar food here...
    Love your denim top, I love that it isn't a button up like most are! Plus, your shoes are the perfect type of heel <3

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  5. omg!!! i need that chambray top!!!
    and dude!!! this got me craving for some samosas.. haven't had indian food in a long time!

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