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Jen the Proud Cat Lady

Striped Dress c/o LuLu*s (similar, similar), Jeremy's H&M Cardigan (similar)

You guys. I've become a cat lady in way too little time. If you've been following along my Twitter and Instagram adventures, you'd know that Jeremy and I have decided to re-home a cat who was getting bullied by another fellow cat back at his old home. We've wanted a pet for a while but, given our lifestyle, we didn't think getting a puppy or a small kitten would be the best option. So, that's where Bubba came in. 

Bubba is the sweetest, most lovable, stumpiest, and grumpiest-looking cat I've ever laid eyes on and I couldn't love him anymore. It's only been a few days and he's very gradually adjusting to a new home and new owners (aka cat lovers). It's nice seeing him get more comfortable with us and I've already gone the lengths to make him his own Instagram account. Next thing you know I'll be registering his personal domain name and renting out an apartment in his name. 

...can a cat even rent out property?  

Hopefully I'll be able to sneak some photos of him soon without him retreating into the dark corners of the closet. I'll know I've made it with him once selfies are a possibility. 


  1. Where's the cat Jennnn??
    Anyway you look lovely as always c: Really
    love the deep back cutting! Xx

  2. aaww.. you look so pretty!! can't wait to see Bubba!! :D

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  3. Love your flowy dress!! Very pretty! Cat ladies are the best!

  4. I want to see this grumpy, adorable cat now!
    Haha, can't wait till you capture his mug on camera. Bubba...hehe, that's such a cute pet name too.
    Love this striped dress you're wearing, it's so classy and pretty!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Awww you're so sweet you adopted the cat. Cute outfit!

    Happy Easter, Jen!


  6. i <3 this striped dress! so cute!


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