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The Bubba Obsession Continues

Urban Outfitters Long White CardiganForever 21 Gray V-Neck Tee (similar), Urban Outfitters High-Rise Destroyed Shorts (similar), Tan Sandals c/o LuLu*s (similar)

I have a serious problem. When Bubba's around, I can't do anything but stare at him and follow him around the apartment, trying to offer him catnip. Or I'm trying to snap a photo of him so I can make him Instagram famous (follow him here - that's a order). Now I totally understand why new parents sometimes seem like they're hiding from the world; they're just obsessed with their new baby and how gosh darn cute they are. Well...or busy taking care of a newborn. Both make sense.

So please excuse me if I'm too busy trying to teach Bubba to snuggle with me instead of blogging.

Also, if you see some gray bandaging coming out of my left sleeve, don't worry, I'm not severely injured. I just got some new ink (seen here) and it's still in the healing process. Now the struggle is remembering not to itch it.


  1. saw your new tat and it's so beautiful!!! :D
    digging the cardigan with the denim cut offs!

  2. Love the varied lengths of this outfit.

  3. those shorts are fantastic! i need a pair like that


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