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Icelandic Road Trip Diaries: Arriving in Reykjavik

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I'm finally catching up with life after my trip to Iceland and I can't wait to tell you guys all about it over the next few days while I take a break from outfit pictures and spend twice as much time cuddling with Bubba

Ten of us took a super quick red eye from Boston through WOW Airlines (which has insanely cheap flights to Iceland from various locations) and I couldn't recommend them more, especially if all you care about is getting to and from your destination. Our goal for the trip was to road trip around the entire country, along the ring road, in only six days. And dude, we had ten people. TEN FUCKING PEOPLE squished into two cars. But lo and behold, we managed to do it without driving each other up the wall (or mountains, I should say, since we spent more time outdoors than indoors). 

The first day we were incredibly jet lagged due to the timing of the flight so we spent the thirty-something hours we were awake exploring Reykjavik. We had to make all the mandatory tourist stops, including The Sun Voyager (pictured in the first three photographs) and a quick peek inside the Harpa conference center/concert hall for the insane architecture (above). Never have hexagons been so enchanting, let me tell you. 

Next, we slowly made our way up to Hallgrímskirkja, which is the largest church in Iceland which was built to resemble the basalt lava flows found throughout the country's landscape. So much of Icelandic culture revolves around really embracing the land they make a living off of, and it's amazing to see that strong connection. 

We didn't make it to the observation tower at the top of Hallgrímskirkja, but to make up for it we stopped by Perlan, which is a building known for having incredible views of the whole city. It sure didn't disappoint, let me tell you, and I was never more thankful for my selfie stick. No shame in my game. By the time we headed back to our airBNB hostel for the night, it was already closing in on midnight but, since it never gets completely dark during Icelandic summers, we didn't even realize until we got back. 

If you guys have any questions throughout my Icelandic diary, feel free to shoot them over in the comments! 

P.S. Most importantly, this is the day I also tried puffin, whale, and reindeer. And yes...the whale had such an aftertaste of guilt. So much guilt.


  1. Wow the architecture here is so unique! Can't wait to see more from your trip. :)

  2. Amazing pictures!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  3. soo. im expecting more pictures in the future posts eh? looks so good there, jen!! :D can't wait for the rest!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  4. SO FREAKING JEALOUS OF YOUR TRAVELS TO ICELAND!!!! These photos are incredible!

    be the plebeian

  5. Ooh Iceland! It's one of the places one should see before they die, I find! I love how beautiful all your pictures are! My favourite spot is that Harpa concert hall. It looks majestic both on the outside and on the inside without being too imposing and snobby to onlookers. The inside looks like the Snow Queen's lair a little bit, though, which gives it this incredibly magical feel. And the Hallgrimskirkja definitely looks so natural, as if mother nature created it herself. The Skandinavians always know how to appreciate the earth - despite the whale-hunting controversy...

    P.S: that last pose of yours is so you! Even in Iceland you're being yourself cracks me up!

    Alive as Always

  6. Right ! I wish I could be there…. In the meantime, I am just pinning the pictures …


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