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The (Lame) Story of a Leather Jacket

Joe Fresh Leather Jacket (similar), Urban Outfitters Loose T-shirt (similar), Levi's Gray Corduroy Shorts (similar), Urban Outfitters Mini Textured Backpack in Black (similar), Urban Outfitters Leyla Sandals

This year has been all about embracing leather jackets for me. The first time I ever wore a leather jacket, was in the second grade, and it was this burgundy leather jacket that had pretty awesome zippers. I didn't understand what it was to be a badass, but I'm pretty sure I felt like a badass. Then one day, my dad was driving me and my older brother to school one day and suddenly a man pulled up next to our car and started screaming at my dad and pointing at the backseat, telling him to keep his children under control. My brother told me it was because I looked so scary and mean in my leather jacket, so I never wore it again so I wouldn't cause a situation like that again.

Turns out, my brother had stuck up his middle finger to the car behind us...that punk.

But now, I'm back at it, and I've grown to love leather jackets all over again. Even in the 90°F weather. 


  1. SO cute! What a comfy outfit <33


  2. haha! that story is too funny!
    i love this jacket. i often find the cutest things at joe fresh...i was actually just there yesterday...

  3. omg!!! 'ber months are coming and so it leather jacket season!!
    totally need to get myself something as stylish as that! :D

    Have a great week!
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