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Pre-8:00 AM Feels

Urban Outfitters Gray Knit Crop Top (similar, similar), #F045 Frames c/o Firmoo, Oversized Flannel (similar), Urban Outfitters Destroyed Denim Cut-offs (similar), FISHS EDDY Good Morning Asshole Mug

I love the early mornings. It's when I feel most awake and the whole city seems to be at a stand still, being just as quiet and peaceful as everyone who's slowly opening their eyes to that one second where everything isn't quite clear yet. No one is online to bother you and the only living being that's around to bother me is Bubba, which doesn't even qualify as a bother. He'll follow me around until I settle down on the couch with my laptop and then he'll jump right up next to me and proceed to snuggle me and snore like a mad man...which is peaceful all in itself.

I've started to get into the habit of waiting until the last minute to pop in my contacts, to give my eyes a break. My parents have always taught me to prioritize my vision, especially since my eyesight is pretty bad already, so I've tried to do what I can to give them the rest and care they need. It's a bit hard when my job relies on the use of a computer and when Netflix just keeps calling my name. But having enough pairs of glasses to get me excited about wearing them (and taking out my contacts) definitely helps, and (time after time again) Firmoo always has my back. I mean, I'm starting to become a hoarder of glasses while other people work on their shoe and bag collections (example, example, yet another example). Bubba isn't very amused with my obsession, which is apparent.


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