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Giant Peace Signs in Smallwood

Forever 21 Gray Wool Longline Coat (similar), H&M White Flannel Shirt (similar), Levi's Black Fleece-lined Leggings (similar), Unisa Teylor Riding Boots (similar), Urban Outfitters Brown Clutch Wallet (similar)

A couple of times a year, my high school friends and I plan a mini-weekend getaway to catch up and get away from everyday life for a bit. We've tackled the scummy clubs of Seaside Heights, the historical sights of Gettysburg, and the basic act of being fall as fuck. This time around, we decided to hide out in suburban New York for a winter retreat full of flannel, hot tubs, cooking, and baking with an overall theme of being warm. Because that can be a theme if we want it to be. 

While driving around the quiet and quaint town of Smallwood, we passed by this giant peace sign, held together by duct tape, and I knew we had to stop by due to our curiosity. Turns out it's advertising a website and I still haven't taken the time to see what it's all about; who knows if it's just a scam to get innocent people driving by to download a virus. That would be pretty epic. Epic-ly rude, but also epic. 


  1. The coat and the boots are beautiful! I love my coats grey and my boots brown this season, too.

  2. nice boots!!

  3. So it could possibly be an evil peace sign? Hmmm. Clever.

    You look like a cute British lady. I love that grey coat! And also how the grass is eating your legs.

  4. I love the milkmaid braids, so adorbs! I love the idea of a yearly getaway with friends! Warm is a great theme, especially since this winter seems to be just that! I think I should plan something like that :)

  5. That sounds like such a great tradition! And being warm can so be a theme for a relaxing friend-filled weekend!
    Aw man, if that peace sign is indeed an elaborate scam, props to the scammers for putting so much effort into it haha.

  6. how rad is that?!!
    love your entire look!! your hair is stunning and those boots (I GOTTA HAVE 'EM!)

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  7. beautiful post with winter atmosphere :( great coat.

  8. that is such a weird random sign, but I love what you've done with it~

  9. How cute! Always love your photos :) Mini getaways also sounds really amazing... hope you had a wonderful time! xo


  10. Fab style!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  11. Amazing photos! Love going away on trips like these with my friends, makes you even closer and usually ends up so different from what you planned - but so much more memorable!

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot


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