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Blanket Scarf Burritos

Olive Trench Coat c/o DressLink, Gray Blanket Scarf c/o DressLink, Madewell Chambray Boyfriend Shirt (similar), Gap Faded Denim (similar), Converse Chuck Taylor White All-Star Sneakers, Urban Outfitters Mauve Fringe Suede Crossbody (similar, similar)

Lately, I've been all about those blanket scarves mainly because they're just that: blankets. I could wrap my whole body in it from head-to-toe if I really wanted to, but then I wouldn't be able to see where I was going and everyone on the subway would mistake me for a plaid burrito and I ain't about to get eaten. This blanket scarf in particular was under $5 and it's beyond soft to the touch (I feel like I'm writing about Charmin toilet paper). Now I can't wait to wear it with my gray wool coat because I have a feeling they're going to be best friends this season; I just had to give it a break from the two million consecutive blog posts it's been in lately.

But in other exciting news, it's officially the holiday season because I've accumulated a baby Christmas tree and it's got some fly ornaments hanging off of it. Cheers to my Jewish boyfriend for indulging me.


  1. LOVE your look! That scarf looks so soft and comfy, let's follow each other? We just followed you on bloglovin' :)

    Jude & Yara

  2. OOOOH a cute little Christmas tree! I'm so excited for you, Jen! The holiday seasons are truly wonderful. I'm ready to start some cookie baking myself. Like heck yeah. I'm really happy that you refer to your scarf as a blanket scarf burrito. I mean, it's beautiful terminology.

    And thank you for your sweet words. <3 I just need to push push push a little more and I'll get there! I think I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel *angelic choir*

  3. Ohh, blankets during this cold season is just perfect! Seems so cosy, maybe something I should invest in, really! Love to dress more cosy now and this seems so fitting!

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

  4. i need to get myself a blanket scarf for winter, so cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. love your scarf!

  6. I like your blog, its really dope.
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If you want, than follow me, and let me know in comments, so I can follow you back with pleasure.


  7. heyy - just found your blog through clothes horse... you have great style & an adorable personality!! Love, love it all!! ♥ hope you have a wonderful christmas season!!

  8. You have like the coolest blog I've found in months! Loved every single post and shot, you're great!
    Following for sure!

    Marli, from My Own Anatomy ✫

  9. Seems like blanket scarf is trending! I've seen a lot of bloggers wear it. Wish we had winter here :/

    Big Dreamer

  10. You look so pretty and your hair looks lovely! I love your outfit :) xx

  11. The Charmin toilet paper line made me giggle. Big scarves are the best in cold weather. So cosy!

    I'm digging that bag. For a second, I thought it was a red suede crossbody I saw on Asos. Are you and your boyfriend doing Hanukkah (sp) as well?

    1. Yes! We ended up doing a small Hanukkah celebration this past weekend with his family which meant lots of salmon and latkes. Drooling just thinking back to it, haha!


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