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Shaking Off Nightmares

Forever 21 Gray Wool Longline Coat, H&M Black Long-sleeve Turtleneck, Sweet Daydreamer Dress c/o For Elyse (similar), H&M Black Thigh-High Socks, Aldo Black Suede Oxford Wedges (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Textured Mini-Backpack (similar)

This coat has outstayed its welcome on this blog, but I'm a little bit okay with that. A lot okay with that. So if you're looking for a million and one ways to outwear a coat, this blog is for you. I always aim to switch things up in coat land, but then my hands always wander over to this gray beauty and the cycle starts all over again.

Speaking of wandering, my brain has similar tendencies to my hands. Despite the many, many combinations of dreams it can think up, my brain seems to always wander right back to the same nightmares. These nightmares reoccur so often that when they begin, I get a feeling of dread that comes from knowing the horrible ending of a movie before it even starts and just having to live it all over again. They always sink so deep into my mind that the feeling lingers well into the early afternoon; even now, as I write, I can't seem to shake it off.

I blame this 100% on seeing Krampus yesterday (which, by the way, was hilariously awesome, so go see it).


  1. I really like your grey coat! And I don't think it's bad for wearing the same coat for more than multiple blog posts. You inspire me of different ways to wear a grey coat (like you said on the post :). I personally dont have the budget nor the will to keep buying clothes just because I've worn it a million times. If I like it and it looks good with anything, why change it :)

  2. loving this minimal look, jen! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  3. That coat is a beautiful piece, indeed. I would also wear it in multiple blog posts if I was you :)
    Roses | Styleccentric Fashion'

  4. girl i LOVE your hair curled! it looks so great on you!


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