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California Road Trip | Day 9/10: Lavender & Honey

We woke up refreshed on our first full day in Los Angeles (and our eighth day of our road trip) and drove out to Pasadena for a quick home-cooked breakfast at Jasmine's apartment. After stuffing ourselves full, Jasmine and Brandon took us to their go-to coffee spot in the area, Lavender & Honey. Let me just say, I'd like to live here please, because they're fulfilling all of my apartment goals with their little coffee shop, even down to how much light streams in through the windows. Like...HOW BEAUTIFUL DOES JEREMY LOOK IN THIS LIGHTING?! Not to mention their coffee game is on point and their website looks like a Pinterest board.

10/10, would go again.


  1. I thought those lights and shelves were in your apartment, I was about to get jealous haha. I love cozy cafes that have simply yet beautiful decor.

  2. aaahhh seeing this cafe in jasmine's IG always makes me gush!!! such a beautiful space!! I'm always a sucker for neat hip local cafes!!

    Have a great day!
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