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California Road Trip | Day 8/10: Joshua Tree National Park

Urban Outfitters Pale Pink Cropped Tank (similar, similar), Levi's Destroyed Cut-off Shorts (similar), Converse White Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers, Madewell Cropped Brown Cardigan (similar), Volcom Olive Green Flat Brim Hat (similar)

Day 8 was the day when we would finally make our way to our final destination on this long, winded trip along the west coast: Los Angeles. BUT, despite having scheduled brunch plans in L.A. with Jasmine and Brandon, we were determined to squeeze in a quick visit to Joshua Tree National Park, while still making the 2.5 hour drive to L.A. So, we found ourselves up at the crack of dawn and boy, was it worth it. We managed to avoid the majority of the car traffic and squeezed in plenty of dope views, hang out sessions with the local cacti, and amateur rock-climbing. 

We were pretty damn exhausted by that point, so we were happy to finally arrive in L.A. later that afternoon and drown ourselves in avocado toast and truffle fries at Zinc. Jasmine and Brandon took us around town for the rest of the day, stopping by MOCA and grabbing plenty of Bubble Tea to keep us going. Jeremy and I ended the evening on a relaxing note, taking in the sunset at the (very crowded) Griffith Observatory and gorging ourselves at Samosa House (near our Silver Lake airBNB).


  1. Truffle fries? Never had them but it sure sounds good c:
    Nice rock climbing experience and love the pictures you took Jen!!
    Xx Ice Pandora


    and that view like daaaaaaaang!!!! So, so beautiful... There's not even anything to say, is there? wow.

    just wow.

    Even in the plainness of the view. It's not the view from mt everest (idk maybe it's too snowy up there anyway? I've never been xD) and it's not even the awesomeness of the ocean, but it's got it's own little SoCal vibe (which is not as great as a NorCal vibe, in my opinion, but I digress...) it's just so perfect and beautiful in it's own little way. There's something so wild and fun and breathtaking and daring about the socal deserts... and I'm feelin' it all in your pictures!

    But then, I'm a big fan of the desert. rock climbing's the best!

  3. spectacular photos!!! wahhh!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions


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