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50 Shades of Brown

Madewell Cropped Brown Cardigan (similar), Urban Outfitters Pleated Patterned Dress (similar, similar), Loeffler Randall Perforated Leather Backpack (similar, similar), Zara Tan Suede Sandals (similar)

Even though I mentally and physically understand that it's fall, I'm still emotionally clinging on to summer and refusing to dress appropriately for weather in the low 60's. This cardigan is the extent of outerwear for me and my coats and tights are still in hiding. Usually by October, I'm vomiting fall and throwing on all my sweaters, boots, and layering like there's no tomorrow. Maybe it's because Mother Nature has a lot of catching up to do and the green leaves are still hangin' around like people that linger at a party and don't understand that it's over and it's time to go home. See ya.

Either way, in a few days, I'll be heading to Santa Fe for both work and pleasure and I'll be experiencing southwest weather for a while. I kept thinking it would be drastically warmer in Santa Fe, but I've been informed Santa Fe has the same exact weather (if not colder) due to its high elevation. Guess it's time to come out of denial. I gotta suck it up, and layer up.

Any travel suggestions for those who live (or have visited) the Santa Fe area?


  1. you rock that 50 shades of brown perfectly, Jen
    have fun in Santa Fe!

    The Sweetest Escape

  2. This outfit is super gorgeous and I feel calm and happy looking at it :')
    Thought of naming a post this before too but I think your outfit works better with this title. Fall colours really suit you too!

    Looking forward to the Santa Fe photos ;)

    Alive as Always

  3. you look lovely and the dress has a very nice texture

    style frontier

  4. That light pleated patterned dress from Urban Outfitters looks beautiful, and the Madewell cropped brown cardigan looks nice styled with it. Enjoy your visit to Santa Fe prior to your autumnal layering up!

  5. Oh my goodness! You are the cutest thing ever :)
    I am so glad I have found your blog, your style is great and your photography is amazing. Please do a photography editing tutorial soon.
    kisses from Scotland!

  6. I love the southwest! I've never been to Santa Fe, but have heard wonderful things about it. I've been following your Instagram adventures and it looks like you're having a fantastic time.

  7. Lovely outfit! Your hair looks so cute! :) xx

  8. Ok, NGL, I immediately thought of poop when reading the title and had an immature giggle. Or two. That aside, digging the autumnal colors. I live for an autumn palette.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) △ Lumière & Lens

  9. You look beautiful dear!



  10. I just love your outfit
    The shoes are so romantic

  11. you are exquisite!! Your blog is absolutely adorable.

  12. you are exquisite!! Your blog is absolutely adorable.


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