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A Minimalist's Dream | White Sands National Monument

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I feel like the rest of this year I'll be playing Where in the World is Jen Hsieh? I just got back from 10 days in New Mexico (traveling for both business and pleasure) and I'm already thinking about my next trip this upcoming weekend (albeit, a bit more local). I've officially booked up the rest of my 2016 weekends and I'm exhausted just thinking about the lack of time I'll have to relax at home for an entire 24 hours in a row. But at the same time, there's nothing I'd rather do than travel my entire life. Now if only kitties were travel-friendly.

Jeremy accompanied me for the first few days of my New Mexico travels, which was the pleasure part of the trip, and we decided to reach for the stars our first day and make the 4 hour trek down to the White Sands National Monument. I mean, who knows when we'll be back again, and I'd never let myself forget it if I didn't see the glory that is the White Sands. And boy, was it glorious. It was a minimalist's wet dream and I can't tell you how many perfectly white Instagrams I have stored up for future #tbt's. SO MANY.

One of the coolest parts of the White Sands (of many, many, many cool parts) was the way sound traveled. You could be standing 200 feet away from someone, and still have a conversation with them without either party needing to shout, because there was nothing to block the sound from traveling between each other. This also made it necessary to censor myself with all the children around, sledding down the sandy hills, heh.


  1. okay sledding down sand dunes? yes, please. also we got to quoting the Where in the World intro the other night and gosh we had the whole thing down. is that awkward? xD

    those kinda nature freaks, like being able to hear each other from like a billion feet away, have always just fascinated me. so, so cool!!

    1. I was so mad that I didn't realize they rented sleds at the visitor's center until I saw kids sledding on the dunes themselves. Huge life regret right there. And not awkward. Not awkward at all (re:Where in the World). <3

  2. Omg these photos are amazing!! (and some of them adorable as well <3) The location is insane, I love it. Plus, your sunnies are really cool. ;)

  3. These photos are gorgeous and I love you boho maxi dress! This white sand loaction definitely just went on my bucket list for places I need to visit!


  4. Beautiful photos! I hope you had a lovely time in Mexico! :) xx

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  6. UGH LOVE IT SO MUCH. I wish I could travel more! Need more travel ideas locally in NJ and NY just to fill my weekends with excitement too!


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